About Me

My Background

 I’ve worked behind a desk for nearly all my adult life, squeezing in travel whenever possible. I’ve been lucky to get to see a lot of places across four continents, but it never seems like enough. Call it a mid-life crisis, or a mid-live revelation, but at 42 I’m ready to hit the road. I want to see everything I can and take advantage of every day I’m given. With my dog Dingo in tow, we’re ready to get going! It can get lonely out there on the road, so I hope you’ll join us for this adventure! 

How I Got Started

 When I was 24 years old I went through a rough break up. My first real heart break. To get a fresh start I strapped on a back pack and went to Europe for 3 months with nothing more than a EuroPass and something to prove. It was the most liberating and confidence building experience I had ever had. The travel bug had gotten a hold of me and I committed to someday taking a work break to see the world! When I returned home I began “adulting” hard-core. One job led to another, that led to another, that led to a comfortably stagnant life. The travel bug was still in me, but I could only satisfy it for a week or two at a time. Now, nearly 20 years later, I’m ready to let go. Before my knees get too old to hike, or I settle too deeply into this adulting lifestyle, I need to see the world! Dingo’s internal wolf needs to be free, and my internal gypsy is ready to hit the road.


Top Destinations

I’ve travelled to nearly every country in Europe, through Argentina and Chile, and across Thailand, but I haven’t seen much of my home country of America. That’s where this story begins.