Hi Friends, Let me begin by apologizing for the large break in posts.  This last three weeks has been a whirlwind, spinning us through 7 countries, on 12 flights, and 5 time zones.  There’s so much to share about all the fantastic places we’ve traveled … Continue readingSingapore

Pictures From Canada

We arrived in Whitehorse to a winter wonderland.  According to the locals, this was unusual for the arid climate of the Yukon.  It’s too cold and dry for snow, so they typically only have a small layer on the ground rather than the knee deep … Continue readingPictures From Canada


Hi Friends!  We’re just two days away from our grand departure! It’s hard to believe this is all coming together. We’ve packed, unpacked, re-evaluated, packed again, removed one of everything, reconfigured and packed again.  We’re traveling light.   We’ve purchased international currency We had our … Continue readingCOUNTDOWN!