Chase Update – and it’s a good one!

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After about 5 hours worth of phone calls, we finally got all of our money back from Chase.  Well, to be clear, we got one full refund and we got the promise of a second full refund, but that second refund is still being processed.  Should that second refund happen (which I expect it will), we will have received all of the money from our missed flights back as a credit to my Chase credit card.  That’s about $5000, so it’s a huge relief for both of us.

I have to give a ton, if not all of the credit for those refunds to Kress’s even keel.  Every time a Chase representative reminded me that the tickets were non-refundable, a new hair on my head turned grey and my eye would twitch in fury;  however, Kress would calmly navigate through those triggers, reminding Chase that we didn’t actually receive those ‘’non-refundable” tickets despite paying for and showing up at the airport for them.

Had I been the one navigating those calls, I have no doubt I would have cracked, likely resulting in angry customer service representatives hanging up on me.

In the end, my clever, calm and collected wife made those Chase customer service representatives feel so good about being helpful that they wanted to make everything right, and it appears as if they did.

That doesn’t mean we will ever use Chase Ultimate Rewards to book a flight in the future, but at least the disaster that was our flight/s to Japan has been resolved.


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  1. I am so glad! I really thought you were wise to use Chase in the first place and now with all the hassle, I realize that I was wrong in that way of thinking. I am so happy they are making it right. I guess that booking directly with the airline is the best way to go, but far more time consuming than “one stop shopping” with Chase.

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