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I was working on a new post and realized that I was repeating “this trip” and “our trip” and “the trip” and it was getting monotonous.  This trip (see…did it again) is going to be anything but monotonous.  Granted, there may be boring moments, but I refuse to let it get to that point before it’s even begun.

For that reason, I’ve decided that this trip needs a name and I’m looking for your help!

We could really go any direction with this whole naming effort.  There is a world of possibilities.  For starters, it could be an acronym.


For example, something like “Beth And Dingo’s American Solo Saunter”… B.A.D.A.S.S.

While I like the ring of this name, and it comes with it’s own logo, my internal grammar police would constantly auto correct it to BADASSNESS, BADASSES, the BADASS trip, etc..  

I really go through an emotional experience when I intentionally use poor grammar.  Even typing “thx” in a text message causes a shudder to go through me.  Intentionally using a name that could cause grammar issues might result in an elevated anxiety level on top of my pre-existing travel anxiety

Are we really ready to see what that looks like?


Assuming we want to try and decrease anxiety levels, perhaps the name should be something more relatable, like “Herbie.”

While naming inanimate objects is somewhat common (such as Herbie the Love Bug), naming events typically doesn’t bode well. 

Take for example Hurricane Hugo, or Tropical Storm Isaac, or the Delta Fire.  I’m not feeling great about naming my trip using the same approach used by those naming natural disasters.

Of course, the flip side is that the right name could be adorable depending on the name choice.


Then there are the less ambiguous alternatives, like “Trip 2019.” 

While this would certainly be easy to follow, it also has a bit of a Spring Break in Cabo feel to it.  Like Girls Gone Wild, but with without drunk college students making questionable life choices, and instead staring a 42-year-old-lesbian making questionable life choices.  

Anyone who knows me knows that this blog is going to be less “Spring Break Jersey Style” and more “Lilith Fair.”  For those who don’t  know, or weren’t alive in the 1990’s…


Now do you see the dilemma?  I’m really struggling with this naming situation and would love to get your advice!    

Respond in the comments or PM me and help me name this trip!

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  1. I’ve been thinking about this and I thought it might be fun to use a “road trip” song as your name so I have compiled a list for you to think about:

    Born to Run by Bruce Springstein
    Truckin’ by the Grateful Dead
    Road to Nowhere by the Talking Heads
    Take it Easy by the Eagles
    Thunder Road by the E St. Band
    Gypsy Road by Cinderella
    I’ve been everywhere by Johnny Cash (one of my favorites)
    On the Road Again by Willie Nelson
    Hit the Road, Jack by Ray Charles
    Happy on the Road by Chris Rea
    The Long and Winding Road by Paul McCartney

    But then I came up with a really good name : It’s Teardrop Time by Dottie West

    Good Luck in your naming project!

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