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Hello to all my faithful followers. I apologize for the four-year delay but trust me when I say it was worth the wait. I have some fantastic news. This is no longer a place where you’ll hear fun tales of travel from one women and her loyal canine companion.

Now you get twice the fun with two women, two dogs (and one bunny). Not only that, but we’re taking on the World! That’s right. It’s taken literal decades to get to this point, but after a lot of planning my new wife and I are going to go see the world. We’re hitting the road, sky, and ocean, and going on a 16-country adventure. It’s part honeymoon, part sabbatical, part bucket list and part adventure.

You’ll be seeing quite a few changes to this site, so stick around. The countdown clock has started, and in 23 days we will be taking off!

Check back for regular updates!

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